Naturalive Beauty  Natural Organic Toothpaste

Naturalive Beauty Natural Organic Toothpaste

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X Flouride

X Triclosan

X Gluten

✓ Miswak

✓ Propolis

✓ Tea Tree

 ✓ GIMDES Halal Certified

Naturalive Natural Toothpaste is a natural, halal certified  product produced in Turkey. It is completely natural and does not contain harmful substances. You can benefit from the effective power of propolis in the care of your teeth and gums.

This product contains local Australian tea tree, which grows in Australia. Native Australian's discovered the healing aspect of the leaves of this plant, and they benefited more from the healing properties of the tea tree. It is used as a natural antibiotic as it kills fungi and bacteria.

Naturalive Natural Toothpaste provides maximum protection against tooth decay with its natural fluoride-free structure. The miswak and propolis in its content are effective in protecting oral and dental health. While you are taking care of your teeth and gums, you can benefit from the effective Naturalive natural toothpaste of tea tree oil and propolis.

Propolis: The propolis in our natural toothpaste has started to be used especially in Japan and around the world, as a result of its many beneficial aspects. Propolis, which has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, is used by bees to protect their hives against bacterial and fungal infections, to ensure the hygiene of the honeycombs, and to prevent other insects and animals from entering the hive.

Miswak has been used for oral and dental health since ancient times and is part of our Prophetic Sunnah. The World Health Organisation also recognises the benefits of miswak tree in dental hygiene. Many scientific determinations have been made on its beneficial effects on oral and dental health.

Clinical studies have looked at the effectiveness of Naturalive Natural Toothpaste against tooth decay, and been proven to be effective. Published on March 20, 2020 in the Journal of Naturalive Atatürk University Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Edibe EGIL and Dr. Özge Ünlü, nine toothpastes were examined and the effectiveness of natural and fluoride-free toothpaste against tooth decay was determined.

All substances used in Naturalive natural toothpaste are suitable for food production. Naturalive products have "GIMDES" Halal certification. No animals were used in the testing stages. Does not contain SLS, Paraben, Formaldehyde, Triclosan, Fluoride, Dye, Artificial Sweetener. Naturalive natural toothpaste is suitable for use by pregnant women.

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate (Calcium Mineral), Aqua (Water), Glycerin (Herbal Glycerin), Sorbitol (Fruit Carbohydrate), Salvadora Persica Stern Extracte (Misvak Extract), Decyl Glucoside (Herbal Cleanser) Menthol, Aroma, (Mint Flavor), Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil (Tea Tree Oil) Propolis Wax

Some Commonly Used Harmful Substances in Other Toothpastes and Their Effects

Sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS) : It is used in shampoos, liquid soaps, toothpastes and many cleaning products. This chemical can be absorbed through the skin and accumulate in the organs. May cause allergic reactions on the skin. In another study, it was seen that it damaged the eye tissue and caused vision problems. Although in small amounts, the carcinogenic substance called dioxane can be transmitted to SLS during production. Therefore, it also poses a risk. It is preferred because of its cheap and good foaming properties.

Fluoride: It is used in toothpastes to protect teeth. National Research Council (NRC) International Research Council; He explained that if fluoride is swallowed, it can damage the brain and bones. For this reason, products that do not contain fluoride should be preferred, especially in children who are not sure whether they swallow the toothpaste or not. Long-term use can damage the teeth.

Propylene Glycol : It is a substance obtained from petroleum. It can damage the nervous system and some sensitive organs. It clogs the skin pores and causes acne. It can be used in all kinds of cosmetic products. Toothpaste, antiperspirant, deodorant, shampoo, cream, wet wipes, liquid soap, shower gel etc.

Formaldehyde : It has been defined as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research Cancer (IARC). Its use for cosmetic purposes is prohibited in Japan and Switzerland. It is widely used especially in cleaning products. In cosmetic products; It is used in shampoos, toothpastes, nail polishes, many cleaning products and some toothpastes.

Paraben: Paraben was detected in 18 of 20 breast tumors examined at the University of Reading, England, and its use is prohibited by some European countries. It can be used as a preservative in all kinds of cosmetic products. Cream, shampoo, lipstick, antiperspirant, wet wipes, toothpastes etc.

Triclosan: According to the research conducted at the University of Florida; It was determined that this substance prevents the baby in the mother's womb from getting enough oxygen, and this causes damage to the babies' brains. In a study conducted at the University of Virginia in the USA; It has been determined that when triclosan combines with the chlorine in the water, the toxic substance chloroform gas is released. Breathing this gas triggers the risk of depression and cancer. Triclosan is also used frequently due to its antibacterial properties; There are many studies showing that the microbes on the applied surface are strengthened. Therefore, microbes become resistant to drugs and reduce the effectiveness of drugs.

Saccharin : It is an artificial sweetener. Many studies have found a relationship with bladder cancer.

Naturalive products do not contain any harmful substances like these.


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