Islamic Community Milli Gorus (ICMG) is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on conveying the message of God and the essence of peace through correct Islamic teachings to humanity.

ICMG consists of four factions which include ICMG Mens Australia (AT), ICMG Womens Australia, ICMG (Male) Youth, and ICMG Sisters Youth Australia. Our organisation has a main regional office and several branches one of which is the Brunswick Branch. Hasene Australia is the Humanitarian Aid arm of our organisation. 

We represent ICMG Womens Brunswick. Our aim is to educate and inspire women through educational, social and recreational activities and programs. We endeavour is to cater for womens essential and spiritual needs through our activities and programs. 

Islam lays great emphasis on education. It is narrated that Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ) said:

"The receiving of education is compulsory for every Muslim man and woman".  (İbn Mâce, Mukaddime, 17) 

Together with this and the knowledge that the "mother's lap is the first school" we strive to educate women for women are the pillars of society. An educated mother is a blessing for her children and pivotal to the formation of an exemplary society. 

This website is operated for and on behalf of ICMG Womens Brunswick.